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At GetAway Bay

After much deliberation and consultation with professionals, it has been decided that opening the lake up to fishing is not only the best option for the health of the lake, but is in fact necessary to both keep the lake healthy and repair the ecosystem. The lake is primarily filled with Bass, Sunfish, and Bluegill. The lake has not been fished in years so the population of all of the fish is extremely elevated



  1. Fishing can only occur on weekdays Mon-Fri until further notice

  2. Fishing can only take place in the marked NON-SWIMMING zone

  3. Fish may be kept according to the following rules and prices: A) All Sunfish and Bluegill are $2 (Maximum 10/day); B) Bass Under 12" are $6 and over 12" are $8 (Maximum 3/day); C) All other species must be released 

  4. All fishing MUST be done from shore!

  5. The price to fish is the same as general admission

  6. All fishers must have signed our one-time liability waiver


We plan to host several tournaments throughout the year. The first tournament will be June 16th and information on it can be found here

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