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XL Left Right Center Rental

XL Left Right Center Rental

Morning session is from 9am-1pm and Afternoon is from 1pm-6pm. If the other time slot is not booked you may switch at any time or have both.


Each player starts with three chips. The dice commands are as follows:

LEFT = Pass 1 chip to the player to your left

RIGHT = Pass 1 chip to the player to your right

Stack of Chips = Place 1 chip in the center pot

Dot = Keep your chip

Flip a coin to see who goes first. The first player rolls all 3 dice. The player then follows the commands on the rolled dice to distribute their tokens.

After the commands have been followed, play continues clockwise.

If a player on any turn has less than 3 chips, the player rolls as many dice as they have chips. Ex. If it is your turn and you only have 2 chips left, you would roll 2 dice and follow the commands. 1 chip would equal 1 dice roll. 0 chips means skip your turn.

If you run out of chips, you’re not out of the game! While you can’t roll, you can be the recipient of someone else’s chips which gets you back into play on your next turn.


They get to keep all the chips they have in front of them as well as all the chips from the center pot. Hmmm... what else could we use instead of chips that would make this more fun ;)

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